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    Patio Covers Austin

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    Luxury Home Patio

    Benefits of Hiring A Team of Professionals

    Home improvement projects are not the ones you want to take on as DIY. Hire the professionals and get the results you deserve.
    With the right team, you will have a project that is insured and workers that are bonded. What does this mean? It means our company and our team will ensure that your home is not harmed and our project is fully completed.
    You cannot get guaranteed results when you take on building a patio, installing a patio, or building and installing a patio cover all on your own; on the other hand, our team can guarantee the best results!

    We come prepared and ready to get down to work!

    • We have professional equipment
    • We offer insurance
    • We work quickly and diligently
    • We guarantee successful results

    What We Do

    We offer incredible benefits to all of our services. Our team is skilled in building and installing carports, patios and covers, and sunrooms.
    Our company has been servicing clients for over 30-years and we have no plans on slowing down! We are open and servicing our clients from 6 am- 6 pm Monday-Friday. We offer a strong warranty because we are a company that is dedicated to taking care of our clients before, during, and after any project has been completed. We offer:
    • Patio Building
    • Patio Covers
    • Sunrooms
    • Carports
    • And more!

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    Types of Patio Roofs

    Patio covers can be designed and installed using a variety of affordable materials, like wood, aluminum, steel, and more. Our professionals can design amazing patios that add beauty and sophistication to your home. As a customer dedicated company, we are here to help you install the best design possible!

    Our lean-to roof is a single sloop roof with an upper edge joining a wall or building. This is a simple design that our professionals construct often! We create beautiful lean-to roof designs with different materials that are affordable, sturdy, and unique for all of our clients. Get more information on our lean roof designs by calling our professionals.

    These designs are easily recognizable because of their exaggerated triangular design. These roofs will easily shed water, snow, and debris that would normally accumulate on flatter roofs. Their simple designs make them incredible patio covers and our professionals can design them with different materials that best increase property value and curbside appeal.

    Hipped roofs slope downward over the walls of your home. Hip roofs are strong and incredible additions for patio covers in the United States. Hip roofs are popular because they provide homeowners with clean, modern, and durable designs. The sides for your patio roof will be equal on all sides and are perfect for rain, snow, and wind.


    Aluminum patio covers are great additions to homes because they aid in blocking UV-rays, reduce heat, while also allowing 100% ventilation. Our aluminum roofs can be manipulated to aid in the design we’re building for your roof while also being durable and long-lasting. These easily maintained patio covers will never disappoint!

    Patio Cover Austin

    Benefits of a Patio Cover

    There are hidden benefits for all of the patio covers we build and install! They are worth the effort and installation and here is why:
    patio cover styles


    Aesthetics for any home are important! Especially, if you ever plan to sell the home. Adding a personalized patio cover to your outdoor environment immediately enhances the overall aesthetic of your home! You can affordably transform a dull appearing outdoor area into a fun and exciting space by simply adding a professionally built and installed patio cover.

    Sun Room


    When the weather gets hot no one wants to sit outside on a patio with no shade! When the summer months heat up in Austin you will need a patio cover that cools off your home and your patio. Having shade in this area allows you to host family, friends, and guests year-round.



    Having a comfortably built patio cover gives more space for gatherings and parties! You can have birthday parties, barbecues, holiday gatherings, and so much more outside. We install patio coverings can add an extra room for your home simply made for the entertainment of any kind, how great is that?

    free standing patio covers


    Throughout our 34-years business, we have installed patio covers that have undoubtedly increased the value of the homes we have built them in. Having a patio cover installed is a quick and easy way to increase your home's property value in case you ever had planned on reselling your home.

    metal patio roof


    Guess what? By adding a patio cover you are also increasing your home's space. A simple cover can add so much for you, your family, and your home. It offers the ability to add square footage to your home where a play area can be set up, a home office can be made daily, or a relaxing space can be created. Be creative with your extra outdoor space!

    metal patio covers


    Sometimes we want to go sit outside and watch the squirrels play, the birds fly, and life goes on, but we don’t want to sit in the Austin summer heat. A patio cover is a great way to encourage everyone in your household to get outside and enjoy nature without fully taking away the comforts of being inside.

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    Our experts will install a unique and one of a kind patio cover that will enhance your home and its aesthetic appeal. We make it easy to raise your property value.



    Don’t let the name fool you, you can use a carport for whatever it is you want to protect from inclement weather! Our carports are strong, affordable, and unique. Simply call to learn more about our offers.




    Sunrooms are truly beautiful additions to any home! Our expert installers and designers can have an incredible sunroom built for your home in no time. Don’t wait to get started, call now.

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      What kind of material should I use for my patio cover?

      Patio covers are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Our experts can and will help you choose the best materials for your home’s appearance and your overall lifestyle. Each type of material brings with it its pros and cons that can be explained by our professionals.

      Can I install a light fixture after my patio cover has been installed?

      Yes. We can work with you to ensure the cover is easily accessible for wires and electrical systems.

      Do I need windows in my patio enclosure walls?

      According to most city codes, it is a standard requirement to have windows and doors for safety reasons.

      Will my patio cover rust?

      No. The materials our company uses will not allow your cover to rust or fall apart if it is properly cared for.

      Do I need to check with my homeowner’s association?

      If you live in an area where issues could arise the answer is probably yes. It is better to check to ensure you are abiding by any codes and/or rules you may not be aware of.

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