Some of the most attractive designs to cover a patio are those made of wood. These patio coverings offer shade at all times of the day and can be free-standing or attach to your home. Wood allows homeowners to define an outdoor space and create a whole other room, making their homes feel even larger. If you're considering using wood for your patio cover in Austin, we invite you to learn more about using this material and how it can complement your home.

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Options for Wooden Patio Covers in Austin

What Option Suits Your Home Best?

Wooden patio roofs and covers will give your home's exterior and a new touch of luxury and an eye-catching place to gather. While you can tackle wood patio covers on your own, we are here to help you handle all aspects of the project from concept to completion.

You'll have the options of purchasing a pre-designed kit or you can design something specifically for a custom look. A kit will be morebudget-friendly and are usually stand-alone structures. This is a popular option for homeowners who want to add value to their homes, but not spend too much on their patio roof coverings. On the other hand, you can also opt to design your own with our team. This will give you the freedom to construct something that looks built with your home and really bring life to your extended living spaces.

Either option will give your home the combination of sun and weather protection you're seeking while creating a comfortable outdoor space. Need design help, that what we are here for, please just ask us.

What Wood is Best for Patio Covers?

Patio Cover Wood Options

An important factor to consider with wood patio covers in Austin is the type of wood you build with. There are so many options, it can be hard to determine which are best. Any type of wood can create a great looking free standing patio cover or even an attached patio cover, but only a few will give you longevity. While not an exhaustive list, here some options that offer exceptional wear and tear. Redwood is known as a hardwood that withstands a good amount of weather. Cedar is a good option because like redwood, it is hard and is paint ready. It starts reddish and turns grey over time unless stained or painted. Douglas Fir is a great patio cover option as it's less expensive. Inspect this wood regularly for bugs and rot. Finally, pressure-treated wood. This type of wood isn't as attractive as others but is resistant to weather, rot, and bugs.

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Wood Patio Cover Maintenance

Enjoy your patio cover for years to come

Your wood patio cover will need regular maintenance to ensure it withstands weather and insects. How often you need to do this maintenance depends a little on the type of wood you use. Some materials will last longer, but in general, we suggest inspecting and repairing on an annual basis. This might mean you need to stain or paint it or treat the wood with an insect repellent. Homeowners who fail to maintain their Austin wood patio covers end up having to do more repairs or it results in complete replacement.

The easiest way to maintain the wood covered patio is to put this on the same inspection schedule as your HVAC unit. Manufactures suggest a Spring and Fall schedule which will be good timing to check on your patio roof and wood structure.


How a Wooden Patio Cover Adds Value

There is nothing like walking out to your backyard to a wood patio cover. Why? There are a few different reasons and here are some of the benefits of this type of patio cover in Austin.

  • The Smell of Nature - The whole reason to be outside is to be a little closer to nature, right? Wood is a natural product that offers both the smell and looks of nature blending well into almost any type of landscaping. 
  • Adds to Home Aesthetic - Natural materials tend to make a home look high-end. Wood accented patio covers will blend well with stonework, a pool, and patio furnishings, making your exterior appeal even better. 
  • Customized Material - Not only can you choose from various wood materials but you can also customize the color with either stain or paint. This helps homeowners have even more control over the final result fo their backyard makeovers. 
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