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    What is a

    Solid Patio Cover

    patio cover Austin

    What are solid patio covers?

    Not all patio covers are made equal because they all offer distinct benefits to homeowners. Solid patio covers, is this something you need?

    When choosing the best patio cover for your home, it is important to think about the details that are important to you. Patio covers come in different designs, colors, and materials that can add beauty to your home.

    We offer affordable methods, materials, and designs to all of our clients in Austin. Professionally built solid patio covers are functional, aesthetically appealing, and affordable options to increase property value.

    We offer solid patio covers that:

    • Come in different materials
    • Add safety for patios
    • Are unique and distinctly designed
    • Can be installed very quickly
    covered patio

    Call the Professionals

    DIY projects can be fun and exciting; however, solid patio covers should always be designed by licensed professionals who know the appropriate safety procedures and come equipped to install a variety of different materials.

     When it comes to a professionally designed, built, and installed solid patio cover, we are the real deal! Our team has over three decades of experience, is professional, timely, and easy to work with. We come equipped with all the materials, tools, and equipment required to securely install a patio cover that highlights the beauty of the rest of your home. DIY projects are fun, but not when it comes to the ceiling above your head and the heads of your friends and family! Add a patio cover to:

    • Use the patio space as an entertainment area for yourself and guests.
    • Install a grill or outdoor kitchen space and keep it protected from the weather.
    • Enjoy the outdoors without strong UV-rays beaming down on you.
    • Add an aesthetic appeal that will raise your property value.
    Patio Cover Austin

    Benefits of Solid Patio Covers

    Solid patio covers offer many benefits that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your patio.
    patio roof

    Protection from Elements

    Bare patios expose any furniture, grills, and technology that could be put on a patio for family and friend’s entertainment. Here in Austin, the sun is strong, unforgiving, and just hot! Without a patio cover, insulation is not possible because the heat will be suffocating. Install a solid patio cover because they will protect against rain, wind, sun, and anything else mother nature has for your outdoors!

    patio covering

    Outdoor Entertainment

     Hosting dinners, gatherings, celebrations, and parties can be stressful when everyone is inside and in a closed space! Have a patio cover allows you to have more of those groups outside, creating an open, and free environment. Having an outdoor area where others can come and enjoy your company automatically reduces the amount of cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping you would have otherwise had to have done once the festivities were over. Enjoy the outdoors with a solid patio cover that adds security to your home.

    patio covers near me


    Yes! Adding a professionally designed patio cover to your backyard immediately increases the beauty and elegance the property has. With a well-constructed patio cover, you enhance the landscapes overall look and increase any future resale value. Change a dull, average, and nothing special backyard area into one that feels and looks inviting for all of your friends, family, and neighbors.

    patio roofs

    Increase Comfort

    In those extremely hot summer months, cold winter mornings, or rainy summer afternoons a solid patio cover provides comfort that cannot be found without a properly installed roof. Lay on the patio furniture drinking iced coffee, drinking hot chocolate, or drinking a cold tea! Enjoy the outdoors without ever having to leave the comforts of your home with our solid patio cover.

    cheap patio cover ideas

    Increase Resale Value

    For any potential future sales of your home, adding a patio cover will ensure that the price tag of your home increases drastically. Solid patio covers, built by Patio Cover Austin, are affordable and quick to install. We provide the best materials for covers and always complete our projects on time. If you’re looking for easy ways to increase the return on your home, add a solid patio cover so prospective buyers can see their futures within your walls.

    patio cover designs

    Enjoy Outdoor Space

    When enjoying the outdoors, it is much more comfortable to do so on a patio that is covered! Add side drapes and bug nets to enjoy the outdoors year-round. By simply adding a roof you are adding square footage to your home and creating a usable space that makes your

    Home feels much bigger than it is. Add a patio cover and you instantly increase the square footage of usable space.

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    Here are top used materials

    Different materials benefit clients. We offer a variety of materials for different budgets, interests, designs, and landscapes.

    Check out the top requested materials for the patio covers below.


    Patio Covers

    One of the many strengths a wood patio cover has is its undeniable beauty. The appeal of wood is timeless and many of our clients want the rustic look for their home and their patio. There are different designs, colors, textures, and styling options for everyone.



    Patio Covers

    This is a highly desirable material because it is extremely low maintenance. The roofing material does not need to be sanded or painted but endures with its high-quality benefits for anyone who chooses to have it installed.



    Patio Covers

     It is durable, minimal, and affordable! This is not only a great option for design purposes but for our clients who want to make eco-friendly options, this is the way to go! Aluminum does not warp, crack, or rot.

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      What kinds of materials are available for patio covers and which one is the best one to use?

      Patio covers are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. The best type of material is the one that best fits your budget, your design wants, your long-term goals, and your maintenance limits. The best part about our team is that we do not follow a cookie-cutter approach! We are sure to treat each client as individuals and your patio cover will reflect that.

      Can I have a solid patio roof with skylights and extra fixtures?

      Yes. Many of our clients desire a designated skylight panel and we do offer unique systems that allow the insertion of electrical wires for various purposes.

      Do I need rain gutters for my solid patio roof?

      Most of our clients do have an extra gutter system attached to their solid roof to ensure proper drainage. You can discuss these options with our professionals before construction beginning.

      Can I use old patio framing to support a new patio roof?

      Using your old framing is a possibility; however, it will have to be examined thoroughly before it is used by our professionals. It is difficult to say yes or no without being sure that the support is safe.

      Do I have to have windows in an enclosed patio?

      Yes. We will be sure to explain city codes and safety standards but in a standard patio enclosure windows and doors are needed.

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