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    Professional Pergolas

    Our team designs and builds individual Pergolas for every client. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach and we will ensure your Pergola is made just for you.

    We come prepared with the proper equipment and tools necessary for successful installations. DIY projects mean you need to be sure you’re well equipped, making it very expensive and tricky. Don’t risk your home or the safety of those who sit on your patio! Call us.

    We offer affordable materials, low rates, a strong warranty, and more!

    Hiring a professional from Patio Cover Austin when ensure you don’t need to worry about:

    • Having the skills, tools, or resources of a professional
    • Knowledge of electrical, irrigation, or hardscape details
    • Permits and paperwork

    We offer Affordable Materials

    As a professional company, we have access to materials and designs that you will not find with a DIY kit or step-by-step.

    Our team wants every Pergola we install to reflect the architecture of your home and your personality. We offer:

    • Pressure-treated wood: This type of material can be painted to match the color of the rest of your home and can be a very inexpensive option. With a great lifespan, pressure-treated wood is a fantastic option for clients on a budget.
    • Cedarwood: this is a very popular choice for a Pergola installation in Austin. It is naturally resistant to insects and looks incredible. The material has a fantastic lifespan and can be left untreated without damaging the material.
    • Vinyl: This is very little to no maintenance material and should always be a consideration for clients.


    Having a professionally designed and built Pergola offers many benefits for you and the design of your home.

    Pergola’s are Attractive

    Our designs are not standard awnings! They can be sculptural and architecturally beautiful. You don’t have to have a basic backyard; we can add a visual interest point with a Pergola. There is a range of styles we offer our clients that range from simple and modern to ornate and elaborate.


    Pergolas and Plants

    Add plants like wisteria, clematis, grapevines, or fake vines to your pergolas and transform your patio into a little Italy. This is a simple addition to an already beautifully designed and installed Pergola.


    Pergolas Define Your Space

    A properly built Pergola help create a different atmosphere for your patio. Having a clearly defined area can help you mentally unwind and relax in this space. By combining your patio flooring and pillars and beams from the Pergola, you are creating a definable space to enjoy the outdoors throughout every season.


    Pergolas and Shade

    The size and the placement of the beams can be distinctly designed to provide shade for your patio area. The openness of a Pergola allows you to enjoy the day and night sky with a clear view of clouds and stars alike; however, a Pergola will not completely block your view, making it a versatile and highly desirable installation for patio areas.


    Pergolas are Affordable

    Spruce up your outdoors with affordable installation. Pergolas are inexpensive and we can have them installed quickly without issues. There are different materials we can offer you that will aid in your backyard décor and some that will be better suited for your budget.


    Pergolas Are Durable & Low-Maintenance

    Maintenance and deterioration are common concerns among our clients with any material they choose to install. We offer different materials that all come with their unique needs; however, all of our materials are affordable and long-lasting. It is important to choose a material you can sustain and one that will make you happiest.

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    Our team has over three decades of combined experience servicing the Austin area. We are not only qualified because of licensure; we are qualified because we have been doing this type of design and innovation for 30-plus years!




    Our team, from our phone customer service to our technicians, we are all dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction always. We offer incredible services and lasting results.

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      What is a pergola and how is it different from a patio cover?

      Pergolas come in many different styles of open frames or lattice roofs; these installations are great as garden additives and features that aid in décor. Patio covers are installed specifically for weather protection for furniture and outdoor kitchen supplies.

      Can you make custom size pergolas?

      Yes, of course. We do not believe in cookie-cutter installations and always want you to know and feel like your pergola is distinctly yours. We will be sure to fit the design and materials to your space; we do this by coming out to your home before the installation process begins to inspect the area and take exact measurements.

      What are some materials you use for your pergolas?

      Some of the materials we use include treated wood, which helps materials, such as wood, resist decay, and damage. Cedarwood is another material because it is richly textured and offers incomparable beauty. Another popular material choice is vinyl, this type of plastic will protect inserted wooden posts, creating a long-lasting structure.

      How long is the installation process going to take?

      The installation process is dependent on the weather, size, and materials required for the pergola. Typically, we can have the entire structure completed within two-seven days, depending on the aforementioned factors.

      Are your materials eco-friendly?

      Yes, we are proud to offer environmentally friendly choices for all of our installations. Please ask for specific details about our products when speaking to a technician to learn more about our offered materials.

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