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    We are an Austin-based company serving area homeowners with suburb patio covers. We work with premium materials to give our clients the best in quality and style.
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    The Best Patio Covers in Austin

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    Many Patio Cover Choices - All in One Place

    We offer various styles of patio covers to compliment your home.

    Feature Patio Cover

    The Lattice Patio Cover

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    What Are Lattice Patio Covers?

    Lattice patio covers are a unique looking way to give your patio partial shade despite the hot Texas sun. They are a beautiful addition to just about any home.

    These structures are typically constructed with header beams laid out in ideal symmetry complementing your home's exterior aesthetic. The latticework leaves areas that are uncovered, so plenty of light and sunshine can come through.

    Austin lattice patio covers are ideal for homeowners looking to add luxury aesthetics to their homes. They are a beautiful combination of form and function, which makes them a great property value add.

    Here are some differences between lattice and solid patio covers

    • Lattice covers offer partial sun exposure
    • Great option for patios with a lot of plants
    • Semi-private option for backyards that are already private
    • Offers details that you won't get with a solid cover roofs
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    Lattice Patio Cover Design

    Have you imagined a lattice or pergola patio cover for a while now? We have the designs that will make your Pinterest boards jealous.

    Pergola or lattice patio covers have come a long way in the past years. In days past, these patio covers were more fragile looking, while today, these tend to be more substantial. We can attach these to your home or do a stand-alone option depending on your home or desired look. These patio systems blend together traditional and progressive styles and can be accented with decor and vegetation to achieve the desired aesthetic.

    • Larger beams with smaller latticework to achieve an English garden look.
    • Solid beams with single-spaced beams to achieve a minimalistic design.
    • Larger beam structure with large single beam cover to achieve a rustic patio cover look.
    • Mix and match materials and finishes to create a progressive or more modern looking patio cover.
    Quality and Value

    Benefits of Patio Covers

    Patio covers offer great benefits and value for the homeowner. Here are just a few to consider.
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    Temperature Control

    Whether you opt for a lattice (partial) patio cover or a full roof patio cover, both will ease temperature control when built next to your home. The Texas heat is no joke, as you likely know, and having some additional temperature control on that side of your home is a great benefit. Not only will you save on some cooling costs, but you'll have an outdoor space that you can spend more than 5 minutes under. You will spend more time outside enjoying your patio then ever before, and the youngest and oldest family or friends will be comfortable as well.

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    Property Value

    Ask any real estate professional; a patio cover will increase your property value. Estimates nationally start at about $4500 and can climb well over $7000 depending on the type of patio installation you go with. We suggest investing early in your patio cover project because part of the value is also in your enjoyment. The last thing you want to do is wait to install such a great feature at the end of your stay in your home. So, if you were wondering how a patio cover will add financial value to your home, the investment is well worth it.

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    We likely don't need to remind you of the damaging effects of sun, but its worth mentioning how effective patio covers are at eliminating these effects. While patio covers will ensure your small kids are shielded from sunburns, the impacts on your health will be great as well. You can stay away from harmful UV rays that tend to wreak more havoc on our bodies as we age. Your parents or older friends will also spend more time at your home, knowing they too are protected and comfortable.

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    Plant Protection

    If you love practicing your gardening skills, a patio cover might be an excellent way to do that. Most plants can't take full direct sunlight all day. This is especially true with flowering plants. A patio cover, and even better a lattice patio cover, are ideal for green thumb homeowners. You can even use your patio cover as the foundation to create green walls, fill your roof lattice with vining plants, or add potted plants in strategic areas for additional shade or privacy. With a little shade, your plants will thrive and won't burn up in the Texas heat. Even better, vegetation is known for keeping patio areas a few degrees cooler.

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    Most homeowners get really exciting when they get to tackle aesthetic projects. After all, when the mechanical or functional type projects are complete, you finally have a budget for the eye-catching projects. A lattice patio cover is a great choice. This is the time you can start enjoying the fruits of your hard work and actually see it come to life. When you choose to work with our company, we can help you create the perfect design to best compliment your home. Don't worry if you're unsure about what design you want, bring us your ideas, your lifestyle, and we will help you with the planning and creating.

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    A Gathering Place

    You'll be surprised at all the ways you can use your new patio cover. After a few quiet nights under the stars and some great family dinners, you'll start thinking of all kinds of ways to spend time under it. You might create a shaded playscape for your kids, complete with their outdoor toys and messy projects. They'll stay busy for hours, and they'll be close and safe so you can still keep an eye on them. Host an event if you've gone with a bigger patio cover. Birthday parties, baby showers, or engagements are all awesome events that your patio cover is perfect for. Take up a new hobby such as painting, pottery, craft-making, or just a reading space. Your new patio cover will inspire you in many ways.

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