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    Why Install an Acrylic Patio Cover

    Top Benefits

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    Heat Control

    Acrylic has the amazing ability to redirect light away from your patio. The material acts as a filter which shades you without darkening the area under your patio cover.

    Acrylic will also block harmful UV rays that negatively impact your overall health if you spend too much time in them. UV is a light source that contains radioactive components.

    You cannot get guaranteed results when you take on building a patio, installing a patio, or building and installing a patio cover all on your own; on the other hand, our team can guarantee the best results!

    We come prepared and ready to get down to work!

    Need a few more reasons to love an acrylic patio cover? Once you start researching them, you'll be ready to install one today.

    • Durable Against All Weather
    • Ease of Maintenance
    • Size Options to Fit Any Home
    • Customizable to Add Value
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    Simple Maintenance

    Acrylic materials are easy to maintain and bode well in various climates. You'll spend more time enjoying your patio cover than you will be caring for it.
    Austin receives roughly 35 inches of rain per year with 228-days of sunshine. These conditions warrant some patio protection from both unpredictable weather and those hot Texas days. The acrylic patio covers are designed to hold up to relentless wet conditions, likewise, holding up to extreme sunlight. Even the occasional hail storm is no match for this material. Acrylic is also an anti-shattering material making it ideal to have around small kids and pets. This means, if the panels get damaged by severe or extreme weather, the sheets may crack but won't shatter. Here are some other important points about acrylic patio covers.
    • Rigid panels constructed to take on big Texas weather, like wind, rain, hail, and punishing heat.
    • Moisture friendly material resistant to staining, corrosion, and rust. Your patio cover will look great for years to come.
    • Save on energy spending by keeping spillover heat from entering your home from your patio door windows.
    • Various tints that not only add style, but also light filtering benefits to your home.

    Hire our Acrylic Patio Cover Team

    We are a professional company with years of experience in patio covers. Read more about working with us and what to expect when you choose our company.
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     We partner with manufacturers that work tirelessly to build, design, and create superior products for their retailors. This allows us to offer our clients the best products at price points that work for anyone. We choose materials that offer homeowners longevity and durability, so their patio covers last for years to come. Like you, we appreciate products that protect our homes and add value. Our materials meet these expectations while adding to your property value.

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    We invite our customers to lock arms with us during their projects. We appreciate feedback and are always ready to listen to what you want or envision. We are also happy to help direct you when you're unsure about what kind of patio cover will work or are unsure of what design to choose. We aren't just pro installers; we are also design-minded. Each project is our chance to get another great review and happy client. Without your satisfaction, our company would struggle.

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    Acrylic patio covers are flexible in design and concept. We can match the footprint of your home and complement its exterior appearance. There are various levels of transparency in our roof panels, as well as different levels of tints. We can also discuss the various color options for the main structure that holds your panels in place. You will love the light filtering options and how they complement your patio area. Don't forget, our patio covers are designed to reduce heat to keep you comfortable the hottest of days.

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    You will appreciate working with our talented crew. Not only are they customer-minded, but they are skilled trade-persons who have also been trained to install these types of structures. Our crews will be responsive to your questions, welcome your input, and invite you into the design process as much (or as little) as you'd like. Our staff is also helpful in getting you set up and ready for your acrylic patio cover project. They too, are ready to answer any questions you might have on logistics, contracts, or pricing.

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    It's important to work with contractors that have gone through the appropriate measures legally. We are licensed and insured to give our clients peace of mind when working together. This also alerts our manufacturers that we can appropriately sell their products backed by knowledge. We are problem solvers and also tackle any challenges that might arise. If you have questions about property logistics or permitting, we can also direct you to various professionals that can answer your questions.

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    One of the main questions we get is, "how much will it cost me?" Our clients come to us with all sorts of budgets. It's important to us that we work with various budgets, so you don't have to spend years saving for something like this. Therefore, we are happy to give you different options without breaking the bank. We can adjust the size, aesthetic elements, and customization assets that will help your project stay on financial target. We understand this is an investment for you as a homeowner, and we do everything we can to maximize that budget.

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      Speaking of Questions

      Top Acrylic Patio Cover Questions & Answers

      How does the process work?

      The first thing you'll want to do is contact us to start discussing what you have in mind. For basic projects, we might be able to give you a quote over the phone. For more customized projects, it may require us to visit your home to do measurements and talk options. From there we will get you a quote and make adjustments according to what you desire. You will schedule a day for us to install your project, and soon after that, you will be enjoying your patio cover with your family.

      How long will it take to install my patio cover?

       Many of our projects are done in a day or two. The caveat to this is how customized your project is and your schedule. Some points to consider that may slow down your project:

      • The size and dimensions
      • An attached or detached patio cover
      • Your work and life schedule
      • Additional customizations made during the process
      Will I need a permit?

      This is entirely subject to differences from one community to another. Your HOA may also be part of the discussion. We like to suggest you check with your city county officials or your HOA board.

      Can I design my own patio cover?

      While not limitless, yes, we will work with you to build exactly what you want. Rather than building a basic structure, we can build various roof lines or pitches. We can also suggest various design features that you might not have thought about yet. We are here to make sure you get what you want.

      How much is an acrylic patio cover?

      The national average for a patio cover can start between $15 to $40 per square foot, which is a rather large swing. It's challenging to place a price tag on these projects without knowing what kind of dimensions and products we will need for your project. A quote is simple, connect with us and we can get that to you ASAP.

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