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    Customer Service

    We are proud to serve Austin homeowners who are looking for a combination of quality and value. Read on to learn about our commitment to our clients.
    Our customers are at the heart of our business, which is why we spend as much time as needed to get the job done right. We listen to your design ideas, go over all your questions in detail, and communicate through the entire process.
    We Are Known For Delivering On Service And Beautiful Patio Covers. We Encourage You To Call Us Today To Learn More About Us And Our Process.
    Working with our Austin metal patio cover company has many benefits, but here are just a few reasons to choose us.
    • We arrive on-time and try to over-communicate our process.
    • We work with high-level manufacturers, so you get the best.
    • Our crews are efficient and detail-oriented.
    • We are diligent in construction and safety.
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    Our Process

    Are you curious about what it's like to work with our team or what patio cover options we offer? Here is a look at how we operate and what you can expect.
    When you call us, we will get a basic idea of what you're looking to create, so we are prepared when we visit your home. From there, we will schedule a visit and learn more about your project. We may also take measurements at this time. You'll be able to ask all of your questions and get feedback about the build process. Once we have all the details we need, we will build a quote for you. From there, you'll just let us know what kind of time frame you want your metal patio cover completed in, and we will work to deliver on your schedule. It won't be long before you are sipping iced tea under your new aluminum patio cover. Here are some additional reasons to work with our company.
    • We work with the best manufacturers who deliver quality products.
    • Our crews are trained and skilled tradespeople who know their craft.
    • We work to give you as much as we can for your budget.
    • We deliver a quality product along with excellent customer service.


    There are several benefits to adding a patio cover, read more on why adding one to your home is a great investment.
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    In Austin, we know just how hot and damaging the sun can be. A patio cover is a perfect way to protect you and your fragile plants and landscaping. Under the protection of an aluminum patio cover, you'll be able to spend more time outside since the temperature will be significantly lower underneath it. We can build it to fit perfectly with your patio dimensions and even attach it to your home for greater stability and safety. After you install your patio cover, you'll be able to add new plants to beautify the space knowing they won't burn up under the Texas sun.

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    One of the most attractive reasons homeowners choose a metal patio cover is how they can customize it. While we offer basic dimensions and colors, we can also create something specific to your home. That means we can work with your patio layout, rooflines, exterior color, and more. Our patio covers are designed to flow with your home's aesthetic and blend in. Therefore, we can cut them to the specific measurements, so every part of your patio cover looks tailor-made.

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    If you have never had a metal patio cover, you might be surprised to learn just how durable they are. These covers can take a good bit of abuse from things like weather or a stray baseball. We use superior manufacturers who offer the best specs around. You will also love how well they wear over the coming years. Metal patio covers have a fantastic record for looking great year after year.

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    Another feature of installing an aluminum patio cover on your Austin home is how little maintenance you'll do on it. With other materials like wood, for example, you have to keep treating the material annually. Not to mention, watching for things like rot and bugs that can impact its lifespan. This isn't the case with a metal patio cover. Chances are the most maintenance you'll do with your cover is rinsing it off with your garden hose. You'll be happy to see it looks as good as new, day after day, despite the outdoor elements.

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    Metal patio covers are one of the more affordable ways to add value to your home. We even encourage you to ask your favorite realtor about how adding a patio cover will impact your overall home value. Time and time again, homes that have patio covers will be seen as having more value when stacked against those that don't. They can even make up for the fact that your property is missing other features such as a powder room or smaller closets. Buyers will overlook those things when they can see themselves spending time on their covered backyard patio.

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    Budgets vary from homeowner to homeowner. We know that a metal patio cover can be more affordable than working with other materials. Wood, for example, tends to cost thousands more than installing and using metal. While all patio covers are an investment, we try to work with you on getting the most out of your budget. You'll also spend less money caring for it. While wood has to be stained or painted regularly, metal remains looking like it did the day you had it installed. So not only will you save money on this installation, you'll save only over time in the care and longevity of the cover.

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    Are you getting excited about the potential of adding a patio cover to your Austin home? Learn more about our process below.

    Our simple 3-step process


    Building an Estimate

    Your first step is connecting with us so we can visit your home or learn more about your property and project. We will go over all the specifics with you of the build and answer any questions at this time.



    Customizing & Configuring

    This phase consists of taking your dimensions and making choices on color and design. You'll be able to pick the right materials that work best for your home and configure how much customization you want to do.



    Construct & Enjoy

    We will then order your product, set the build date, and get to work. You get to sit back and watch your design come to life while we do the heavy lifting. It won't be long until you're outside having a family dinner under your new metal patio cover.


    Give us a call today and learn about transforming your backyard.

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      Common questions

      We Have the Answers

      How secure is a metal patio cover?

      We understand that you might be concerned about how secure a patio cover structure is. The industry has perfected its products, and we have perfected our build process. You can secure the structure to your home for a little added security, but the stand-alone options are also ready to withstand the elements.

      How much does an aluminum patio cover cost?

      While we would like to give you specifics, the truth is, it depends. Your patio cover cost is dependent on the dimensions you're looking for and how customized you get. In general, a basic cover will start at a couple of thousand dollars.

      Will a patio cover increase my property value?

      In one word, absolutely. Homes that have a cover installed over their patio will increase in value according to most financial home data. We also encourage you to ask a local real estate professional who is likely to tell you the same.

      How long will the installation take?

      As with cost, this answer depends on your specific project. If you have a multi-level roofline with tricky angles and various materials, your build is going to take longer. For basic builds, our crews can often do these in one-to-two days.

      How long will my patio cover last?

      You will be able to enjoy your patio cover for several years or even as long as you live in your home. The only factors that would change this are severe weather or something running into the patio cover, such an ATV or lawnmower.

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