Are you looking to add shade to your backyard or protect your precious vegetation from the Austin sun? What about adding a metal cover roof for your car or extended storage? We work on various projects for our clients so they have the coverage they need. Customize your project and design something specific, or consider a pre-designed kit that adds just the right amount of shade. We would love to hear how we can add some comfort to your Austin home with a metal patio cover.

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Thinking of a Metal Patio Covering?

A metal patio roof - is one right for your home?

There are many advantages of choosing a metal patio covering for your outdoor space. What used to be a funny-looking pole and coregulated metal structure has turned into a beautiful option for homeowners. Not only will a freestanding patio cover add value to your home, but it will also give you highly customizable options. You can also choose to do an attached patio cover with metal materials and even mix it with wood or cement features.

The best part of using metal for a covered patio in Austin is you'll protect yourself from the elements and protect the earth by using a sustainable product. Metal patio covers are more eco-friendly than other products on the market and withstand a good bit of wear and tear. Metal also repels heat rather well for those who are looking to turn the temperature down a little in your backyard.

Customize or Not to Customize

Metal affords homeowners many options when designing their covered patios

While metal is a hard structure with plenty of rigidity, that doesn't mean you can't design it to be exactly what you need. Another strong feature of working with metal as your material of choice, you can customize it or just get a kit if you are looking to save money. Consider what kind of budget you have and how detailed you need your cover to be. We suggest looking at various websites and inspirational spaces (like Pinterest) to get an idea of all the possibilities. You may find that you want the metal to be the base of your material, and add wood accents to bring in a natural element. We can help with that.

Bring us your ideas and design desires, and together, we will work in creating something that you'll not just love but will last you for years to come. We aim to give you something that brings value to your home, but also value to your outdoor lifestyle.

Affordable Patio Covers

Let's protect you, your family, and your plants!

Hire a Patio Cover Professional

Work with us and get superior service and a great-looking metal patio cover

Clients work with us over and over again because we like to dive into the details. We take our time in getting to know how you use your backyard or outdoor space so we can build something that fits seamlessly into your life.


Metal offers sun or rain protection from the unpredictable Austin weather, and also gives your landscaping a little reprieve from the heat. We know you've spent plenty of money on your plants, shrubs and delicate flowers, let's find a way to protect that investment.

Metal Patio Cover Maintenance

Clean up is a Snap

We often get asked how much maintenance is involved in having a metal patio covering. The easy answer is, hardly any! You can clean your patio roof or metal deck cover with soap and water and walk away. That means you'll spend less time maintaining your metal structure than you would with other products like wood or cement.

Any maintenance you'll do is periodic, you can inspect your patio cover to make sure the structure looks good. Beyond that, any repairs would be due to any damage done to the structure or someone hit or dent it on accident. Chances are this type of material will stand up to both the weather and anything your kids can throw at it.


The Value of Metal Covered Patios

When it comes to patio systems, the innovation has come a long way. Advancements have led to manufactures finding stronger and more aesthetic options for homeowners.

So what does it cost? That obviously varies based on how much product you need and what kind of square footage you're filling. The average for a standard aluminum-based project is about $10/sf for a kit-style system that attaches to your home. This cost is a national average and will give your fewer customizing options, but still offer value and style. A free-standing metal patio cover will be more expensive at about $15.50/sf. Insulated metal patio kits will start around $13.50/sf for an attached system. Detached options will average about $19.50/sf. The insulated option is for homeowners who are looking to bring the temperatures down in their yard spaces and offer a more substantial looking structure.

Something you'll also want to consider is how much value a metal patio cover on your Austin home will bring you. Studies show that while wood and natural products may bring you a slightly higher ROI, metal deck covers will also add value to buyers. Therefore, a patio covering will not just give you something to appreciate but also for anyone you may sell your home to later.

Metal patio covers in Austin offer homeowners beautiful options. Your can customize or go with a kit depending on your budget.


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