Patio Cover Austin has been serving the Austin community for 34-years and has no plans on stopping. We offer affordable services, quick installations, and a variety of materials that can only be found with us. Our professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured. As a company that values its clients, we offer 100% customer satisfaction. Our high-quality installations and unique designs help create some of the best roofs in the Austin area.

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Classic Look

Traditional Appeal

Our distinctive triangle-shaped roof provides the classic look we all grow up drawing for a home’s roof. Patio gable roofs add a noticeable street appeal to any home because of the look and shape they create. Many of our clients are looking for traditional homes that they can grow and expand families in, a gable designed roof fulfills that desire for our clients.

Expansive Designs

Greater Space for Gatherings

Outdoor spaces can add square footage for homes and enhance your patio experiences. The outdoor space can be an extra room for entertainment, family gatherings, or a relaxing space for yourself. Gable roofs help make a patio area look more expansive allowing our clients to add much more décor and enhance the overall street appeal of their home. What an easy way to improve your architecture!

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Versatile Construction

And Materials

We service a variety of different clients who all have distinct features and materials for their homes. Some of our clients have extensive architectural designs on the outside of their homes, some clients have brick homes, others have wood panels; regardless, our gable patio roofs add an extra layer of design and beauty. Our installations can be designed with wood, tile, metal, aluminum, vinyl, and more!

Our professionals provide endless possibilities to all of our clients.

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Installation and Maintenance

The two slanted pieces that are built together are what make up a gable roof for your patio! Guess what? It’s an extremely affordable process. There are minimal materials that are required for many of our installations and many of our clients enjoy the simplicity our designs offer. Because water, leaves, and debris naturally fall down the slanted surfaces, your roof cleans and maintains itself. Our designs are truly what your home is missing!

Weather Resistance

And Longevity

Your patio will be covered from heavy rain, heat, and even wind. Our sloped roofs allow many things to roll off of it without ever causing damage or calling you to get on a ladder to fix an issue. The slanted sides refuse to allow water to sit and grow bacteria or harbor mosquitos, giving your space a comfortable and usable area. Our gable roofs are long-lasting because they’re easy to care for and our professionals design strong roofs. Don’t wait to talk to our team now.

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