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Lean-to Roof is An

Affordable Style

Lean-to roofs are great patio roof options because of their simplicity and affordability. Many of our clients want to stick to a budget that doesn’t always leave them with aesthetically pleasing options; however, lean-to roofs are not only good looking they are affordable and long-lasting. This detail alone makes these roofs incredibly appealing for a variety of homes and clients.

The different materials and designs allow our builders to quickly design and install these roofs. Their simplicity and beauty are not something many clients are willing to pass up!

Variety of Materials

For All of Our Clients

Making a lean-to roof allows our professionals to offer our clients different materials. All of our clients need and want different benefits from designs and materials. We offer versatility with your sloped roof! Some high-quality materials that we offer include metal roofing, wood roofing, aluminum roofing, and so much more.

We offer low-pricing for different materials that cannot be found anywhere else! Our team can manipulate these materials to look and feel any way that best suits our clients and their homes.

Fast, Affordable, and Reliable

We are here for all of your needs.

Aesthetically Appealing

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Many of our clients have design expectations that aid in the overall appeal of their home. Many want our professionals to add lean-to roofing because of its ability to enhance the overall curbside appeal of a home.

Our professional architecture helps update any home and gives the space a much more modern look.

We offer the opportunity to enhance the look of your home while also allowing you to choose eco-friendly materials and installations. We offer unimaginable opportunities!

Prevents Any


Sitting water is not great for several reasons, like mosquitos, mold, and bacterial growth. On a roof, there is the added element of leaks, material breakdown, and complete damage of roofing materials. When we install lean-to roofs, water does not sit or build on top of the materials. This roofing style maximizes drainage and provides a low probability of damage.

Lighting and

Fan Installations

Outdoor areas can be brightened up even when the sun goes down! Our lean-to roofs are great for clients who want to add extra lighting and fans to their outdoor areas. We know how important flexible design is for our clients and our roofs give all the flexibility you will need. Sit outside and enjoy lights and fans! Turn the outdoor space into a home outside of your home.

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