We’ve been serving the Austin Community for 34-years with strong client-based values and ideals. Our team is made up of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who will help you design and transform your patio area into a beautiful and easy to use space. Don’t trust just anyone with your roofing design, materials, or installation, call us today to learn more about how we make life easy.

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Aluminum Roofs Are

Heat Resistant

Aluminum patio covers appropriately block the sun’s rays, the roofing materials keeps your patio cool, and ventilation to your patio area is never compromised with our aluminum roofing designs. We can help you design ways to shade your patio, add lighting, and even hang fans to enhance your patio lounging experience.

Aluminum Roofs Add

Weather Protection

Properly designed, constructed, and securely attached aluminum roofs can give your patio the weather protection its never had before. Add patio furniture, grilling tools, and so much more to the outside area of your home and know that the protection from the sun and rain is there. Protect your windows and patio from a variety of possible outcomes when the rain and wind start with our incredibly build aluminum patios.

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Aluminum Roofs Are

Easily Maintained

What is worse than having to constantly sweep, clean, protect, or supervise your patio without a cover? Having a patio cover that is under constant supervision for damage or replacement!

Aluminum roofs are incredibly easy to maintain! they do not need special care as the seasons change and unlike different materials, like wood, they do not need to be repainted.

Forget about water or humidity damage, our aluminum patio covers are installed for the long run!

Aluminum Roofs Offer

Long-Lasting Durability

We know how important recycling and reusing materials can be for some of our clients who are trying to do their part and take of our planet. Our aluminum patio covers are made from very durable natural and recycled materials that have been proven, by past clients, to last for many years. Don’t worry about rust, discoloration, or design flaws! We have the best aluminum patio cover options in the business.

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Aluminum Roofs Are


We don’t believe that our clients should have cookie cutter patio cover designs. Our team offers incredible design options that can truly individualize your home and your patio area. We offer differing colors and designs that can only be installed by true artists. You’ll love what we have to offer, so don’t wait, call now to learn more.

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