For over 30-years Patio Cover Austin has been serving the community with incredible designs and detailed constructions of patio covers that add property value to any home. We provide our clients with a strong warranty and long-term results! We provide affordable, reliable, and unique services to the Austin community. For high-quality materials and strong patio covers, call our professionals to get started.

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Hip Roofs

Provide Stability

Compared to traditional gables, hip roofs are much more stable and longer-lasting structures for patio covers. Their inward slope that takes place at all four sides provides a solid exterior that is resilient against strong winds, rain, and more. Our Austin clients enjoy hip roof structures for their patios because they are strong and durable options for all areas and homes. Everyone knows that when a well-constructed hip roof is present the patio is safe.

Hip Roofs

Help with Runoff

Rain can be a nagging pest when our patio roof either holds onto it or doesn’t get rid of the excess water appropriately. Hip roofs manage water by moving the rainfall down the angles towards gutters where it is appropriately drained. Properly constructed roofs do not allow water runoff to wet your patio furniture, grills, or patio décor because the water is properly removed from the area. We construct patio roofs that are not only beautiful but functional.

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Hip Roofs

With Different Materials

We don’t push a cookie-cutter style or design on any of our clients. The best part about hip roofs for patios is it can be designed and constructed with different materials! Your patio cover can either match your home's roofing materials or a completely different style.

Patio covers can accommodate slate or clay tiles, asphalt shingles, or other materials. We can help you design a patio cover that compliments not only your home but your personality.

The different materials we bring to our clients cannot be found anywhere else.

Hip Roofs

Increase Curb Appeal

Many neighborhoods have homes that appear to be similar in size and appearance including architecture and smaller details. Our designs provide modern detailed additions to the exterior of your home. With a unique addition to the structure of your home, you can increase your property value and the curbside appeal of your home. Install a strong hip roof patio cover and increase your property value immediately.

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patio cover roof

Hip Roofs

Provide Variety

Our designs and installations provide our clients with flexibility when designing their homes. Our roofing designs, different angles, and unique slopes give our clients the ability to be creative with their designs. Properly constructed patio covers add square footage to homes because the area is much more usable, accessible, and functional. Hip roof patio covers give our clients style and material variability that no other design or company can provide.

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