Top 8 Patio Cover Ideas For Summer

Is it hard to enjoy your outdoor patio with the hot summer temperatures? Are you wondering what you can do to help utilize the space and make it comfortable throughout each season? A patio cover is an excellent way to transform your outdoor patio into an oasis! Covering your outdoor patio can help to control temperatures in the area by providing shade and protection from harmful UV rays. There are a variety of different options and design styles available when selecting a patio cover, each offering a unique set of advantages. Read below to learn the top 8 recommendations for patio cover ideas to help you stay cool and enjoy your outdoor space this summer season!

Build A Pergola

Many homeowners opt to build a pergola structure for their outdoor patios, due to the versatility of design options and protection from direct sunlight. These structures are extremely popular because of the partially open-roof design, which allows some sunlight to penetrate through without becoming overwhelming or too hot. Pergolas are available in many different materials, designs, and colors, so you will be able to match the aesthetic of your home. One major benefit of a pergola is the ability to enjoy your outdoor space throughout most seasons, thanks to the partial covering and protection from the elements.

Install Curtains

Once you have a structure like a pergola or a pavilion over your outdoor patio, you will be able to add elements like curtains to transform the space. Choosing a light-colored curtain will not only help to enclose and protect your space from the elements, but the colors also work to create a bright and inviting space! Dark-colored curtains can also change the aesthetic of the space, while also adding protection from weather events and privacy from neighbors. A major bonus of curtains is the temporary installation, which allows you to remove them or change the style at any point.

Use An Umbrella

A simple and easy option for sun protection and added shade is to use a large outdoor umbrella. This is a great option for homeowners who are working on a strict budget or those who may not be ready to commit to a permanent installation. Another major benefit of choosing a pop-up umbrella is the versatility of design options! You can switch up the umbrella whenever you choose and are not limited to a permanent choice. If you live in an area with high winds or frequent storms, be sure to take down the umbrella to prevent any damage to the material or the exterior of your home.

Try A Straw Roof

If you want your outdoor patio to truly feel like a tropical oasis, consider having a straw roof installed. These types of patio covers are popular at destination spots and outdoor pools and can help to transform the entire aesthetic of your patio space. One major benefit of a straw roof is the installation options, with both permanent and temporary versions available. This means if you only want to have the roof for a special party or event, it can be disassembled with no damage to your property. Permanent installations are a great choice for homeowners who are looking to add a fun flair to their patio while also getting incredible protection from UV rays.

Consider An Awning

An awning can be added to your outdoor patio space as a way to add protection from direct sun rays and weather events. These installations are designed to be permanent, though it’s recommended to roll them up before any severe winds to prevent damages. The ability to have the awning out or put away is a major perk for homeowners that want to be in control of their patio and yard space. It can be a big help for those who have plants or a garden, as it can help dictate when the sunlight can hit the area.

A Tarp Is Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a fast solution to your patio needs but are working on a tight budget or deadline, a tarp is a quick solution that can hold you over until a permanent structure is installed. You can typically find a tarp at any general hardware store and since the installation is only temporary, the process is simple. It’s important to be sure the tarp is secured down and to always remove it before any inclement weather. If you choose a tarp for your patio, be sure to take it down as soon as possible and opt for a safer, more permanent option.

Build A Pavilion

Similar to a pergola, a pavilion is a structure that can be built over your outdoor patio space to add protection from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. Pavilions are designed to be permanent and it’s most common for the roofs to be a closed design. This is different from a pergola, which has an open roof design to allow some sunlight to penetrate through. Pavilions are more effective at providing protection from weather and sunlight, though the closed roof may make it difficult to regulate temperatures without a fan.

Install A Skylight

A skylight is an excellent option for homeowners that are looking to increase the brightness and light in their patio space. A licensed professional can help to install skylights into the roof of your patio and ensure all local building codes or regulations are met. If needed, a professional company can assist with obtaining permits for the project. Overall, choosing skylights for your outdoor patio is a great upgrade project that can provide a great return on your investment!

There are countless options available when it comes to choosing a patio cover for your outdoor space, each variation offering a different set of benefits and advantages. Be sure to weigh your specific outdoor needs before selecting a patio cover to ensure you will be comfortable spending time outside this summer.

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