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8 Tips To Help Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio

Is your outdoor patio space looking worn or faded from multiple seasons of use? Are you looking for simple, affordable ways to bring life back into your yard without an extensive renovation project? Consider these 8 helpful tips to upgrade your patio area or concrete pool deck, so you can enjoy time outdoors during the warmer months. It’s important to remember that not every project to upgrade your patio has to be expensive or time-consuming, many of these solutions can be completed on a budget with minimal effort. If you need assistance with any patio project or home upgrades, be sure to contact a licensed professional for help with material installations.

1. Add Additional Lighting Options

Choosing new light fixtures or temporary lights for your outdoor patio is an affordable way to transform the space and make it functional for both day and night activities! You can select from temporary lighting options like string lights or lanterns, which are great for those who are not ready to commit to a long-term fixture. These types of lights are typically affordable and can be purchased at many different retail locations.

There are also permanent lighting fixtures that require wiring and installation work. These fixtures can transform a bland space into an elegant area with a bold fixture, though these types of lighting options can be more expensive than temporary installations. If you are installing a permanent lighting fixture for the first time, contact a professional for help with electrical wiring or material installation.

2. Change Up The Color Scheme

Many homeowners believe that painting and adding color is limited to the inside space of a property but many outdoor patio spaces thrive with a pop of color. There are countless ways to add a new color to your patio, with most options being affordable and easy to execute.

You can add a new flower or plant to change up the color scheme or even use a new can of paint to refresh an outer wall or the fencing around your patio. Do you have older wood patio furniture that looks outdated? Try using a can of spray paint to bring the furniture back to life! A new coat of paint can make chairs and couches look brand new and really boost your yard’s aesthetic.

3. Upgrade Furniture and Accent Pillows

While this option may require a larger up-front cost than others, choosing new furniture or accent pillows is a great way to change the aesthetic of your outdoor patio or pool deck. You can choose entirely new furniture from your current style to help change the design of your yard or you can even opt to have custom accent pillows made to ensure your outdoor patio is truly unique.

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather or harsh seasons, you may want to consider waterproof furniture or rugs for your patio. This can help to make sure that even with rainstorms or harsh winter temperatures, your furniture will remain in great condition. This type of furniture is also designed for easy cleaning, so you can typically use a hose to remove debris or stains.

4. Install Speakers For Music

If you spend a lot of time outdoors but find yourself longing for entertainment, having a set of waterproof speakers installed is a great way to make your patio feel like your own personal oasis. This can allow you to play your favorite playlists right from your phone or tablet over BlueTooth so that everyone visiting your home can enjoy the music. Choosing waterproof speakers means that even if a weather event catches you off guard, the materials will remain safe and fully functional once the storm has passed.

You can choose from portable speakers for your patio or permanent installations, depending on your personal preferences. Portable speakers are an affordable option that does not require any form of professional installation. Permanent installations can be completed by a licensed company with experience wiring speakers and ensuring they are secure. Local landscape design companies will be able to provide you with estimates on these types of projects.

5. Try A New Area Rug

Area rugs are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit any homeowner’s preferences. You can choose from standard rugs or a waterproof option, each with a unique set of advantages. Another major perk of a new area rug is the variety of sizes these accessories are available, meaning they are able to accommodate nearly every size or style of patio. Some patterns are vibrant and can become the focal point of your outdoor space while others are muted and can just complement existing design points.

Some rugs are made specifically for outdoor spaces with strong and resilient waterproof surfaces. This means the rug and its materials will not be damaged by water or freezing temperatures, which is a common occurrence among standard rugs that are used outdoors. While you can use any type of rug for your outside patio, it’s proven that a waterproof option will perform better in severe weather and will provide a longer lifespan.

6. Build An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook and wish you could enjoy more meals outside on your patio, building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to make gatherings and family time easier to prepare! You won’t have to run back and forth from your indoor kitchen to guests outside when all of your crucial meal preparation tools are conveniently located on or near your patio. One major benefit is that you are able to customize which appliances and tools would benefit you the most, so your space is guaranteed to function well for your family.

Some of the most common appliances for outdoor patio kitchens are grills, small refrigerators and bar areas, smokers, and even brick pizza ovens. The options are nearly endless which allows you to let all of your design dreams come to life. If you need help with planning an outdoor kitchen or installing any of the appliances, be sure to contact a local company for assistance.

7. Purchase Small Container Plants

Choosing new container plants for your patio is a great way to help the aesthetic flow with the natural elements of your property, while also adding a pop of color and greenery to the area. There are many benefits associated with choosing container plants for your patio, including the freedom to move them as necessary and the ease of maintenance. You won’t need to worry about digging holes or the hassle of replanting items with the convenience of container plants.

Be sure to select a variety of plants that will thrive on your specific property, considering the amount of direct sunlight and climate of the area. If you are unsure of the best option for patio plants, contact a local landscape design company for help determining the best options for your outdoor space.

8. Try A Water Feature

Many homeowners are unaware that a professional landscape design company can help with designing and installing a water feature for their property. These types of patio additions can help create a visually stunning centerpiece for your yard while also helping to reduce the amount of noise pollution in the general area. There are endless variations and types of water features available, with some of the most popular options being koi ponds, garden fountains, and birdbaths.

It’s clear there are many ways to upgrade your outdoor patio, with most of the options being affordable and simple to complete. Many of the top 8 tips to upgrade your outdoor patio offer temporary design options for homeowners that are not quite ready to commit to a permanent landscape addition. Be sure to reach out to a local landscape company for help completing any home upgrade project.

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