Patio Cover Ideas: How To Keep Cool This Summer

Have you been unable to use your outdoor patio due to the hot and uncomfortable temperatures during the summer months in Austin? An outdoor patio is a great addition to any home but it can be frustrating when you are barely able to use the space. Covering your outdoor patio deck is a great way to create a shaded space that can be enjoyed year-round. It also adds the opportunity for decorations and the protection from the UV lights can help to preserve your patio materials. Continue reading below to learn more about ways you can cover your patio and keep cool when spending time outdoors at your Texas home this summer.

Consider a Pergola

Pergolas are one of the most popular choices for patio covers among Texas homeowners, as these structures provide cover from the harsh sunlight along with a beautiful appearance. You can choose from a variety of different materials, designs, and colors for your pergola to ensure they complement the overall aesthetic of your home. In addition to protection from harmful UV rays, pergolas are great for those who are looking to enjoy their outdoor space throughout the entire year. Many homeowners choose a pergola because it can provide some light to penetrate through, allowing the space to remain bright and inviting.

Choose an Awning

An awning is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for full protection from the sun with the convenience of being able to choose when the awning is in use. Most awning models are retractable, which puts you in control of when the area is shaded or in the sun. This option may be the perfect solution for those who enjoy gardening or want to enjoy the benefits of the sun in small increments. With the full protection of an awning, you won’t have to worry about getting caught in inclement weather, and can provide you with a space to enjoy the outdoors even during a rainstorm.

Use an Umbrella

A pop-up umbrella to cover an outdoor patio is a great option for those who are looking for a low-cost, temporary solution. While effective, these structures are lightweight and can often be damaged during weather events with hail or high winds if they are left outdoors. They can provide protection from direct sunlight but may not be effective at lowering the overall temperature on the patio. If you only have issues with sunlight or extremely high temperatures during certain times of the day or very small windows, these temporary and removable umbrellas may be a good choice for your patio.

Add a Tarp

Adding a tarp over the top of your outdoor patio is another cost-effective way to protect you and your guests from being in direct sunlight. Purchasing a tarp is usually affordable and can be purchased at any general hardware store. This material will not require a professional installation, which is another great way to save money on project costs. While this solution is not permanent or visually appealing, it can help if you are throwing an event or need coverage for a short period of time. Be sure to secure the tarp down during use and always remove it from your outdoor porch in the case of inclement weather or high winds. You want to avoid leaving a tarp secured up for a long period of time, as it may cause damage to your outdoor porch or any other existing structures.

Install Curtains

If you choose to have a structure such as a pergola or slated roof installed for your outdoor patio, you may still struggle with overall protection from sunlight and temperature control. These types of structures allow minimal amounts of light to come through, which can be a challenge during the intense Austin, Texas temperatures. You can install outdoor curtains around the pergola or structure to help control the temperature in the space and keep out any excess light. If you are worried about making the space dark or uninviting, you can choose white or sheer curtains that still allow the space to feel illuminated.

Choose a Straw Roof

Adding a straw roof over your outdoor patio is a great way to change the entire aesthetic of your space and make it feel like a tropical oasis! Similar to the type of roofs seen on outdoor bars and pool areas, these sturdy additions provide ample protection from harmful UV rays and hot temperatures. You can choose this type of roof based on your personal needs, meaning you can rent them for a short-term event or have one permanently installed for long-term use. While the customization options are limited with this material, the overall aesthetic and tropical vibes these types of roofs bring are great for everyday use at your home or for adding fun to a summer party.

No matter which solution you choose, keeping your outdoor patio space comfortable is important for any homeowner. Don’t let the hot or humid temperatures stop you from enjoying your outdoor patio, try out one of our ideas and see which one works the best for your home.

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