5 Great Ways to Use Your Patio This Summer

Once you consider adding a patio to your home or property, you might start wondering how else you can use it. After all, you now have a new outdoor space suitable for all kinds of gatherings. If you haven’t gotten to that part yet, beyond a shady spot to relax, we are offering up some inspiring ideas on how to use your patio this Summer. 

Additional Dinning Space

Dining alfresco seems like a no brainer, but have you thought about making your new patio more than a picnic-style space? Homeowners are turning up the luxury factor in their outdoor dining spaces, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, you can find bargains with a little hunting in the right places.
We suggest starting with some visual inspiration such as Pinterest to get you started. Consider what your lifestyle is and what kinds of people gather at your home. A backyard dining space for neighbors and adults is different than one for family and kids. You can add mobile bar carts for wine tastings and appetizers for adult gatherings. Your patio now offers the perfect cover for a beautiful dining table and accompanying tablescape.

For outdoor dining with family and kids, consider different tables and chairs where everyone has their own special space. Outfit those spaces with perfectly sized tables and glassware. For the kids’ table, you might even add butcher paper and crayons, which will keep them entertained as they wait on dinner. 

Gathering Place For Events Or Celebrations

Your patio is the foundation for all kinds of celebrations. Think of the pending birthday parties, graduations, engagements, and more that could include your outdoor space. 

For example, lounge seating and twinkle lights for quiet romantic evenings and anniversaries. Convert this space by adding moveable seating options so multiple people can gather comfortably. We have seen homeowners build in shelving or a trellis to give them ways to organize food and decorations. Don’t forget the soft features as well. Adding cozy cushions, pillows, oscillating fans, or a concealed sound system might be great ways to add to your celebrations.  

A Quiet Sanctuary

Another option is to transform your backyard patio into a sanctuary for relaxation and peaceful moments. You might enjoy spending time alone reading, journaling, being in nature, or just surrounding yourself with a few meaningful people. Create a more intimate space with quality textiles and lounge-style seating. You can add screens to help keep conversations more private or add sophisticated fixtures like an outdoor chandelier. Just think of the cups of coffee you’ll enjoy under your new patio cover, so why not add a coffee bar if that’s something you truly enjoy. 

There is nothing more rewarding than a patio after a long work-week, where you can also enjoy the changing sky and a glass of wine. It might not be located in Italy or some far off place, but you can certainly use those destinations to inspire the decor and vibe. 

A Haven For Plants

Patio covers offer shade for you, but also for delicate plants that might not be able to handle direct sunlight. Your new patio cover is a chance to create a paradise for plants that thrive in the outdoors but might not be hardy enough for the heat. 

To accomplish this, do some homework on the different types of plants that might work for your patio. For example, Boston ferns need a little sun but thrive in indirect sunlight. Choose flowers and air plants that also flourish in this kind of environment. From there, take into account how your patio is situated, and the pathway of the sun. This way, you can arrange plants and pots where vegetation can get just enough sunlight but not too much. This is ideal for homeowners who have green thumbs or maybe don’t have time for a full garden. 

Ideal Space For Kids

Let’s face it kids are hard on our homes. Your patio is an amazing space for your kids, especially if they tend to be a bit rambunctious. Think of all the art projects you’ve tried inside and realized how messy they were only “after” the fact. Think of what playdates do to your home only after an hour inside. 

Your patio cover area is the perfect space to create an outdoor playscape for kids. You can add an outdoor kid’s kitchen where they can play with water and dirt, the ideal place to make mud pies. Add a quiet space where they can read or color with indoor teepees and soft pillows to hang out on. Finally, create stations where they can help you organize their outdoor toys and keep themselves entertained for hours. 

If you don’t yet have a patio cover but are convinced you should, we welcome you to connect with us so we can get started on your patio cover project today.

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