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    Patio Cover Round Rock, Texas

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    Why Hire Professionals?

    Installing a patio cover can’t be that hard, can it? Is it something you’re willing to take a risk on?

    Don’t cause structural damage to your home and do not install a patio cover to simply watch it fall apart shortly after.

    Call us because we come with a plan and we come to ensure 100% satisfaction is met with all of our clients. Hire us because we:

    • Come prepared with equipment and affordable materials
    • Offer a strong warranty for our services
    • Provide low rates for high-quality
    • Have licensed, experienced, and insured professionals
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    Round Rock, Texas

    With over three decades of experience in the state of Texas, our company can promise 100% customer satisfaction.

    34-years in business and no plans to stop! Our team here in Round Rock lives and breathes within the community. Having locals plan, prepare, and execute an addition to your home is the best way to save money in the long run. We build patio covers that will last both structurally and aesthetically. Other services that we offer the community include:

    • Concrete work as needed
    • Sunroom design and construction
    • Carport design and installation
    • Patio covers
    Benefits of

    Patio Covers

    Let us install a patio that offers all of these benefits and more.

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    Does adding a well-constructed and structurally sound patio cover make your patio look elegant? Yes! Aesthetics for the exterior of your home is immediately enhanced with a properly decorated and designed patio in Round Rock. Transforming an ordinary outdoor space can help current owners resell homes and increase overall property value.

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    There is no denying that the heat here in Round Rock can be more than just uncomfortable. A properly constructed and well-positioned patio cover can help cool the area up to 10 degrees! During the summer a patio cover becomes even more important because it provides a comfortable space for gatherings and relaxation.

    patio covering


    Tired of entertaining inside of your home? Or worse, just tired of having to clean up after everyone has been inside of your home? We get it, and it is why we install the best patio covers for our clients! We know how important an entertainment space can be whether you’re throwing a gathering or just telling the kids to go outside for a little while. Create an entertainment area right outside your door.

    patio covers cost


    Having any plans or even thoughts about possibly selling your home in the future than a patio cover turns from a luxury to a necessity. Investing in a sturdy and good-looking patio cover can help raise the curbside appeal and overall property value of your home.

    patio cover roof


    You don’t always feel like the indoor space is enough space, especially if you have young kids. Adding some square footage to your home helps you feel like you can have more room for yourself or more room to share with others. Regardless of how you feel, a patio creates a comfortable space that can be used.

    patio roof


    Getting out into nature while the sun is beating down on your face or back does not sound fun, not in Texas during the summer. Enjoy a pleasurable afternoon in nature without ever having to leave the comfort of your home! That is what becomes possible when you install a patio cover that is long-lasting, durable, affordable, and visually pleasing.

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    Patio Cover Materials

    Materials for You

    The materials you choose for your patio cover are important and should not be a last-minute decision.

    Learn more below.

    Patio Cover


    Wood is beautiful, rustic, and timeless. Our team can use wood to create a masterpiece for a patio cover. Wood patio covers offer different types of colors and textures that are all great at enhancing the appeal of any home.


    Patio Cover


    Are you low maintenance above all else type of person? If so, vinyl patio covering can be just what you’re looking for. It does not need repainting or consistent cleanings! Vinyl is a high-quality material for any home.


    Patio Cover


    This strong but lightweight material is great for protection and design. If you have a design that you cannot imagine straying from, aluminum is the material to use to make your vision a reality.

    Efficient and Affordable Patio Covers

    Contact our team to learn more about all of our services or head over to our home page.

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      Frequently asked questions

      Find your answers here!

      What patio material and cover style is best for me?

      As a team, we will inspect the exterior of your home and we will be sure to take note of your home’s material and detailed designs. We need to be able to inspect the area before making a firm decision or informed opinion on what would be the best material for your home.

      What are some common patio cover materials?

      We offer our abilities to designing and installing patio covers that are made of wood, aluminum, plastic, and vinyl. We can discuss any ideas or possibilities you may have for your home.

      How much will this cost?

      Unfortunately, this is not a question we can answer with numbers until more information is given and gathered. Our team needs to be made aware of any special installation requirements and we need to know how the area that is being covered is going to be. The actual cost of labor and materials can change drastically if anything is missed.

      Can I install light fixtures and fans on my patio?

      Yes! This is completely possible, and we understand why many of our clients want to know the same thing please tell our professionals that this is something you’re considering or want.

      Is your warranty good?

      Our warranty is meant to take care of our clients every step of the way. We offer a 10-year material warranty and a two-year labor warranty. For more information on warranties, call our team.

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