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    Our services include patio covers, sunrooms, concrete work, and carports

    Patio Cover Austin, Texas

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    Pflugerville, Texas

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    Our Services

    Patio Cover Austin, Texas

    Our team offers a variety of different services along with custom patio covers. Our company offers incredible benefits and a strong warranty for our services. Don’t wait and do not hesitate to call our professionals for any of our listed services.

    With 34-years of experience, our team is here to ensure 100% customer satisfaction within all areas of our services.

    Our team will perform all of the services below along with distinct patio covers:

    • Sunroom design and construction
    • Concrete work as needed
    • Custom carport design and construction
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    Pflugerville, Texas

    Our team in Pflugerville, Texas, is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. With different services, a great team, and the beautiful Pflugerville air, there is very little we cannot or have not achieved.

    As a city in Travis County, Texas, and a small population, our suburb has been consistently growing. Our team has been and will continue to serve this city with pride and enthusiasm! So, why hire a professional company to install your new patio cover?

    • Our team comes prepared with materials and professional equipment.
    • We offer a strong warranty that you cannot find anywhere else
    • As a team, we work efficiently and precisely with little to no margin of error
    • Professionals on our are licensed and insured
    Benefits of

    Patio Covers

    Don’t leave your patio naked! Call us, we can help you start enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your patio.

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    Increase Property Value

    A high-quality patio cover can exponentially increase the value of your home and boost curbside appeal. If you ever plan on reselling your home, it is important to aid custom details that will draw clients and potential buyers in. A patio cover is a fantastic upgrade for your patio and the aesthetic of your outdoors.

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    Add Square Footage

    Adding a patio cover ensures that you and your family will utilize the space regardless of the weather conditions outside. Our high-end installations will help you feel like your home has grown incredibly more spacious because you’ll have more incentive to use it!

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    Many locals here in Pflugerville, Texas, think about planting extra trees and bushes for shade! Although these are always great additions for the ecosystem the best addition for shade is a patio cover. Trees and bushes require maintenance that a patio cover simply does not. A patio cover is extremely quick and affordable!

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    Weather Durability

    It is important to have either wood, metal, or plastic material for your porch that will withstand common weather patterns. Aesthetic appeal isn’t anything if it isn’t at least durable, so be sure to choose a material that is strong and will stand up against different weather experiences.

    cedar patio cover

    Porch and Furniture Protection

    Furniture, even outdoor furniture, is susceptible to discoloration, mold, and bacterial growth if it is exposed to different weather regularly. Add shade, wind, and wind protection to your patio furniture with an incredible patio cover.

    attached patio cover

    Heat Reducer

    It can be difficult to want to go out on your patio to enjoy the outdoors in the heat of Pflugerville, Texas. Adding a patio cover helps reduce your hesitation because our installation will ensure that the area does not heat up by UV-rays.

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    Patio Cover Materials

    Cover Materials

    There isn’t a cookie-cutter experience with our team! We help design and install different materials for all of our patio cover clients.

    Learn more about our Patio Cover Service

    Patio Cover


    Wood has a natural beauty that cannot be denied or rejected. The appeal of delicate yet strong wood patio covers stems from their sizeable collection of colors and textures!


    Patio Cover


    Aren’t the maintenance type? Vinyl requires minimal maintenance because it is high-quality and much more durable than other patio cover materials because it does not rot, peel, or crack.


    Patio Cover


    With minimal upkeep, flexibility, and low-cost, there are very few problems anyone can find with aluminum patio covers. The lifespan of this material can offset any possible hesitation from our clients.

    Affordable and Reliable

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      Find the answers to your questions below!

      What materials are available for patio covers and which one is the best?

      Patio covers come in available materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Wood can be much more popular among those individuals looks for a rustic/traditional look, a nice crisp and proper appearance might be much more attainable with aluminum. Vinyl is the last “best” which can easily be replaced by steel if the vinyl price tag is not your style.

      Can I install a light fixture on my new patio roof?

      Yes! You can certainly customize your patio in any way that fits your best. Be sure to let us know that your plans include electrical wiring or rewiring so that we are prepared to give you the best experience overall.

      Can I use my existing framing system for my patio covers support?

      Yes and no! if the patio frame is sturdy and can prove to be, we can work with you on those issues; however, if the posts aren’t solid and sturdy, we will build a completely new layout.

      Will I get a free quote?

      Yes! We will be sure that you have a detailed quote before any work being completed.

      How long will it take to have this completed?

      Like we’ve said before, we do not offer cookie-cutter experiences here in Pflugerville, Texas! So, each experience may be longer or shorter than the one before it or the one after. We will work quickly, diligently, and effectively to ensure your patio is done quickly.

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