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    Skilled Crews

    Our skilled crews work with clients from concept to completion of their patio cover projects. We listen, to fully understand what clients want and how they plan to utilize the space.
    We have worked on several types of projects. From the most basic detached covers to more complex projects involving several materials.
    • Skilled Trade Professionals
    • Strong Customer Communication
    • On Time Service
    • Aim to Over Deliver
    Patio Cover Austin TX


    We understand that everyone has specific budgets for these types of projects and we welcome all of them. We will examine what kind of project you're wanting and maximize that budget.
    Patio covers are an excellent way to not just protect and enjoy your home, but a smart investment into your property. Not only are they a desirable asset for the overall value of your property but they can add thousands to a sales price according to data from Home Advisor. Regardless if you plan to stay in your home for decades to come, make your home the envy of the neighborhood, or add value to sell it down the road; we're ready to help. We encourage you to start collecting images of the type of patio cover you're looking to build and then reach out to our team. We can review these images with you and get you a quote quickly.
    • Affordable design options to please anyone's budget. We work hard to find the right products so our clients don't overpay.
    • Quality products that our clients trust. Many of our projects come with warranties and assurances so you can feel great about your investment.
    • Smart labor costs to stay on budget. We don't believe in nickel and diming our clients just to make a few extra dollars on a project.
    • Improve the value of your home. A patio cover is going to add value to your home through enjoyment and a return on investment.
    A space for enjoyment


    While patio covers are lovely to look at, they also have other benefits you might not have considered yet.
    patio cover designs


    Patio covers act as a defense against weather like rain and snow. They can protect from that kind of weather from penetrating your interior spaces through windows and doorways. The materials available for patio covers will offer long-lasting wear and act as a line of defense from water that can often impact your property or foundation. The same is true for the Georgetown, Texas heat. Patio covers will give your outdoor space an added layer of protection from the relentless heat we are known for in our state.

    patio cover options


    Our patio covers are known for withstanding time. Despite the weather, sun exposure, or years of baseballs smacking into our covers, they are rock solid. When you make any kind of investment in your home, you want to be reassured you're making a good one. With a patio cover, you'll enjoy your outdoor spaces with little worry of aging and deterioration. Even better, patio covers hold on to their luster and color despite what the elements dish out.

    patio covering


    One of the most significant benefits of adding a patio cover to your home is how easy they are to maintain. These patio covers can stay up year-round and don't have to be taken down when the weather arrives in the Winter. They are easy to clean (the metal variety) because they can be rinsed off with a garden hose. Our patio covers are designed to keep debris and unwanted mold from attaching to the materials so you're only left with enjoying the cover instead of maintaining it. When you choose to work with metal patio covers, you won't have to repaint or stain it annually.

    patio covers cost


    Homeowners love that they can choose from a variety of styles and colors for their patio cover. From one-color monochromatic looks to those with more vibrant color pallets. You can truly make the cover work with your home's exterior. Our covers are designed by you and our team, which means they can be built to suit. We can turn corners or tight places, add multi-leveled roof lines, leave room for embellishments or design features, and more. Your patio cover should compliment your outdoor lifestyle.

    patio cover styles


    Every home is different which means their patio cover will be too. There is no accurate price-point because of all the ways a patio cover can be constructed and the diverse materials that are used. However, a metal patio cover can start at just a few thousand dollars and then rise in cost depending on how big the structure is. What is also taken into account is if the structure is attached or detached and how much customization will be needed. The bottom line, however, metal tends to be far more affordable than working with wood.

    patio cover roof


    When you add a defined outdoor space to your home, the value of your home will rise. and others report that you can add up to 8%-12% for customized patio areas and covers. This is great news for your return on investment. Buyers also find this visually appealing making your home appear to be worth more if it struggles with other things, such as a missing walk-in closet or outdated bathroom. We suggest investing in this feature sooner rather than later so you get a chance to enjoy the space before you decided to sell your home.


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    The first step in installing your patio cover is connecting with us about your project. Once we set up a time to discuss your project, we can get you a timeframe to complete your project.

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    You will find us working on various projects around Georgetown. From highway 183 to well past highway 130. We service all are areas in between.


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    We also serve the greater Austin area for homeowners in search of a little more shade. We have been working in the community for a long time and know our neighbors well.


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    Round Rock

    Round Rock is another of our cities which we were happy to add to our coverage area. The neighborhoods here are filled with great people who are looking to add value to their properties.

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      Frequently asked Questions

      Let Us Answer a Few Common Questions About Patio Covers

      Are your crews trained?

      Our crews are not just trained, but skilled in various trades in the construction field. They are used to working on various projects which come in handy onsite. Our crews are adept at troubleshooting and create safe and secure structures.

      How long will my project take?

      We wish we could offer a specific timeframe, but the truth is most projects differ from house to house. The length of time to get your project completed will depend on the design and how many customized materials you want to use. The more customized the project, the longer it usually takes.

      Can you use my inspiration photos to create what I want?

      We always suggest you collect various images to help us understand what kind of patio cover you're wanting. There are so many options and ideas on the web, so the more you can narrow it down, it aids in the design and redesigning process.

      Can you match the color of my home?

      When it comes to metal patio covers, we are happy to offer a variety of colors and styles to suit your home. Our clients have been thrilled with the options they've had when working with us and we contract with the best manufacturers to ensure you have plenty of options to choose from.

      How does the process work?

      It's simple. Give us a call and we will set up a time to visit you and your home so we can talk about what you're looking to create. We will learn about you, your family and your lifestyle to better help us in the design process. From there, we will get you a quote and get to work according to your schedule.

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